RED and Sharp Test 8K Monitor Technology

8k resolution technology is coming your way. Cinema camera company RED is working closely with Sharp to test a 70-inch 8K TV prototype. Courtesy of cinematographer Phil Holland, the below video shows 8K aerial footage of LA’s cityscape. The footage is being compared to a Sharp 4K model. For the average user, you won’t be able to enjoy the extra clarity unless you have a fast computer with an 8K resolution screen. Although RED has yet to officially confirm the project with Sharp, this move make senses considering its current 8K Weapon camera offering. Moreover, rumors circulated by Nikkei suggests RED plans on releasing cheaper 8K cameras in partnership with Foxconn.

4K content has yet to see mainstream adoption making 8K technology far from widespread use. This means 8K tech will probably hit theaters before TVs. Still, Japanese broadcaster NHK plans to use the 2020 Olympics to showcase the new standard.

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